Juggling again!

A busy few weeks and I’m a little bit ashamed to say that (a) I didn’t manage to write another post before today, and (b) I failed to maintain my presence on social media. Ho hum! Try harder next time, I tell myself.

In my last blog I mentioned the challenge that members of our Writers Group had been given by novelist, Sue Johnson – to write a 500 word story starting with the words “The door at the top of the staircase was open.” I wrote the first draft, let it brew and then a week later revisited it and made a few changes. Sue talked to us all about the important of making use of the senses in our writing so I made this my aim. In the next day or so I will load the story up on my website. I’d welcome feedback on whether or not the story stirs your senses! Several of us read out our submissions at a recent Bardstown Writers Group. It was fascinating to hear how many different takes there were. More on this in my next blog.

The Gypsy Killer, my latest novel is racing through the Silverwood production process. A couple of weeks ago I was asked to complete a questionnaire for the cover designer, and also to submit pictures of a few book covers that appealed to me. This in one of the covers I chose. Maybe the shadowy figure in the picture is the Gypsy Killer – who knows?

My play “Happy Talk” is well into its rehearsal schedule – just five weeks to go before we tread the boards – literally! I volunteered to play the leading play in the play. I have done some Am. Dram. in the past but not for a long time. At least, since I wrote the play, it’s not too difficult to learn the lines! It’s interesting acting in your own one act play. It makes you aware of, and you appreciate the need for detail, especially key words. Let me give you an example.

Joe Bloggs: I am just popping down to the shops, dear.

Mary Blogs: When will you be back?


Joe Blogs: I am going shopping.

Mary Blogs: When will you be back?

Which is the better dialogue for the actor? Well, in my experience it is the latter version. ‘Dear’ is a term that can end any line of dialogue. ‘Shopping’ is far more precise.

And I’ve just almost finished writing another one act play. It’s called Toad in the House. Based on the characters in Kenneth Grahame’s enchanting Wind in the Willows, it has a political spin! More on that project later.

Right at this minute I have to get myself prepared for another interesting morning presented by Silverwood Books – How to Promote and Publicise your Book presented by Isabelle Knight. This is one I really need to pay attention to.

And Debra Penrice (Silverwood Books) has suggested I give some thought to exploring the creative differences between writing a novel, a play and a short story. Wet towel job. Watch this space!

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