24th June

Its been a busy few days. Yesterday I finally penned the final chapter of my next novel, The Silver Dollar, and then started right back at the beginning. I now have a checklist for my second review of a manuscript that includes:

  • checking that my characters have sufficient gravitas and that my readers will be able to visualise them
  • checking that my characters have the same personality traits at the beginning of the book as they have at the end of the book
  • checking up and researching any assumptions I might have made (better than being found out later!)
  • crossing checking that names and ages are consistent throughout the book
  • checking the plot out from end to end. Have I missed out any vital clues?
  • shortening sentences that could well leave my readers breathless
  • removing paragraphs and even chapters that add insufficient value to the overall story
  • checking that the book stands alone. It is a sequel but readers may not have read the prequel, The Silver Sting, first.

In between writing The Silver Dollar, I’ve started making preparations for a book signing event (The Silver Sting) which is scheduled for July 13th in WH Smith’s, Stratford-upon-Avon: friends and family contacted, facebook pages scheduled, local paper on board, etc. Not quite sure how much I can do. I don’t have great expectations of major sales – I am simply grateful for each extra sale achieved!

When my brain goes into overload I stop and pop out in the garden and do a few more jobs which I find both relaxing and stimulating at the same time. The garden is looking great!

May / June 2019

Way too much to do and way too few hours to do them all in! Each day is a ‘toss the coin day’. Shall I promote my latest novel, The Silver Sting? Shall I make some more progress on the sequel novel, The Silver Dollar? Shall I reply to a myriad of emails from friends? Shall I get on with work I have committed myself to for my classic car club? Shall I write a story for my next writers group meeting? Shall I write a play for my next Playwrights meeting? Shall I sort the garden out in between the downpours? Shall I get on with the decorating that has been bugging me for the past year? Or shall I do something entirely different?

There’s been a lot of the above these past six weeks but I’ve also made time for a different experience altogether. I’ve been an extra in an all British Production of the new film, Lawrence After Arabia. That’s me – in the middle, looking suitably glum – this is TE’s funeral scene after all!

The Church in Moreton

The film script has been written by Mark Griffin, a talented author, playwright and film producer. I feel privileged that Mark chose to ask me, as well as several others, to look over the script at the outset of the venture. The transformation of the script into film is quite outstanding. Follow it at http://www.lawrencethemovie.com. Many talented actors are taking key roles in the film. In May I met Michael Maloney and in June, Hugh Fraser.

Hugh Fraser “Lord Allenby”

Now that my part in the filming is complete, I am back to writing and marketing. I will be signing copies of my book, The Silver Sting, in W H Smith, Bridge Street, Stratford-upon-Avon on Saturday July 13th between 11 and 4pm. Delighted to be able to say that it already graces the ‘local authors’ shelf in that very same shop.

1st May 2019

This is just the second day of writing my blog and I am not entirely sure what I am doing but will plough on! Yesterday I spent an enjoyable three hours at the Stratford Literary Festival, managed to sell three copies of the Silver Sting and have some very interesting conversations with both self published and published authors. The time flew by. Very interesting chat with a lady called Lynn MacWhinnie who has a book on our bookshelf about the power of flowers. Check her out at LynnMacwhinnie.com. (And thanks Lynn for buying one of my books!). In two hours time I will be back at the FringeBookshelf – in chatting and selling mode!